Deep Breath…

Its been great to make some new connections at Forge this time round, as well as deepening some friendships that I’ve had a for a while.

It was really good to catch up Mike and Rachel for dinner tonight, to meet Digger, Andrew McKenzie and Steve Barrington for the first time. As an introvert I have found myself ducking for cover every now and then as I have been all peopled out. The only problem is that there is very little cover!

I think my elective session went reasonably well. It was looking at the heart of an apostlic leader.

The eight qualities I listed (mostly from 1 Cor 9) were:

1. A compelling desire to initiate, pioneer or start new ministries.

An apostolic type loves starting new stuff – apostello = sent one – unreached people

2. Usually task focused and therefore needing to function in a team setting

Paul always worked in teams – got the job done, but prob had a few pointy edges

3. Courageous… Singled minded” resilient”

Focused on the gospel – not willing to let anything stand in the way – willing to suffer

4. Willing to pay the price of effectiveness

Training self to be godly – takes resp for personal spiritual formation

5. Will establish DNA and fight for truth

lays theological and philosophical DNA and will fight for it / guard it as needed

6. Empowering Others and relinquishing control

looks to raise up and trust people to do the job so can move on

7. Enjoys a regional/wider influence

tends to find one local role a bit restrictive – enjoys wider scope of ministry and influence

I was reading Bob Clinton’s stuff on the presence of ‘power / miraculous’ gifts among the apostolics, but I’m not sure were that fits…

We have one day left of the Summit and then two days after with the 60 interns and .acom students. As good as it is I am now one of those people who misses his family and would rather got home sooner than later.

I think that’s a good thing!

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