12 thoughts on “Denmark

  1. The joys of parent hood

    This reminds me of when you were you were the same age as Sam and qwe went on holiday to a beach side place in England. It rained in summer of course ( as it does) but you wanted to go out with your bucket and spade and play on the beach.

    Tough isn’t it

  2. These folks are way to harsh on you. Come visit us in Montana, USA, and we’ll show you what Christmas is supposed to look like – lots of snow, with plenty of snow boarding opportunities. A bit more expensive hobby, but worth it. May God bless you with warmer weather soon, before you head home.

  3. Paul’s prayer has been answered in the positive – yep she’s going to be warmer on Sunday (20c) BUT the chance of rain is 70% (5-10mm) – so I hope you brought along a game of Twister to play.

  4. We are heading down to Bremer in January…so here’s hoping it heats up then! Its cold, wet here in Perth….which is not great for all my pastor mates holding outdoor carols services all over the place. Thank goodness we held ours last week!!!

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