Discipline Your Wife

We’re looking at some new directions with Upstream. I think this could be just the trick to get more people into church… Their product range is quite unique and their whole ethos a real winner!

Thanks to Grendel who discovers this stuff…

(How?… Yeah – that’s what i thought too!)

12 thoughts on “Discipline Your Wife

  1. Yeah … um … yeah …

    … methinks Grendel dost require less coffee. Forsooth, it must be why he’d be up till all hours reading about crotchless pantaloons …

    … oh, and glad you’re back Hamo 🙂

  2. this is beyond that – – it’s creepy that this comes on the heels of a conversation I had online recently with someone who believes it’s ok for a man to “discipline” his wife as long as the wife “consents”. She was talking about a man hitting his wife for misbehavior. There are christian groups that advocate this and even some who support “slave master” dynamics between married people. it’s sick is what it is.

  3. yeah I think you’ve got a point Mak – there is definitely a sinister side to it that can get overlooked in the laughter and absurdity.

  4. I would see it as an attempt by some to justify an abusive relationship – and how could you really tell? Consent? That is why in Australian law you cannot consent to being assaulted.

  5. Uh, among the “herbal expressions” which sounds sexy, is “aftercare cooling gel”, and judging from the table of contents of one of the books, “aftercare” is what you do to soothe her after beating her.


  6. That is a horrifying website. It’s justifying spousal abuse in God’s name … did you read the chapter titles of the book? Or the description? Just the cover art alone is revolting … it shows a man slapping his open palm with the back of a hairbrush. Worst of all … it’s written by a woman!

    It’s very similar to a class I sat in one time, thinking I was going to get some helpful classroom discipline tips for teaching Sunday School … instead the teacher talked on and on about the most effective tools for beating children … a leather strap that was so long by so wide by so thick. I walked out …

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