For the last five days Danelle has been at a conference in Sydney and my primary job has been to look after the kids. My other three paid roles have come second!

Prior to her leaving we spoke about it as a ‘problem’ that we needed to deal with as best we could. It actually was a bit of a problem as I teach Thursdays and Fridays, however friends took the kids for us on those days until school was over.

The other time they were all mine…

I think we were all concerned for how things would work out – could I handle the two kids? Could I still get done the stuff that I needed to?

Over the five days I got nothing of any consequence done – but I made a discovery. I love being with the kids! Now that’s not new to me – but often I have been with them while I have been trying to get other things done. For the last 5 days I decided that if I got nothing of my own jobs done it wouldn’t matter.

We spent 5 days having a lot of fun together and while work is piling up, I said to Danelle that I reckon it would be good for us to do this a couple of times a year. She goes away for a few days and gets a breather from the kids and I stop work and just hang out with them.

It wsn’t what I was expecting, (I thought I’d be tearing my hair out) but its a great discovery to make!

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