Life feels like this at the moment and probably explains the absence of blogging around here.

This time last week we were supposed to be launching into a week of activity with some visitors from Bali, but they didn’t arrive. They have arrived today but there is little to do, so it will be several days of hanging out.

It was a messy week work-wise with a big job getting cancelled and then other odds and ends not really hanging together very well. So I finished up feeling a bit frustrated. I don’t like not accomplishing something worthwhile.

Then this Tuesday Danelle is heading over to visit her sister in Muswellbrook with the Bali crew and won’t be back till the following Monday. This was an unexpected trip, but it means another strange week coming up. I will be primarily ‘dad’ and yet will need to make sure everything else happens in the background. The calendar is not full so it is not likely to be a struggle.

Then there is tomorrow night’s sermon which has not come together easily at all. Occasionally it happens that making sense of scripture in a way that connects with people is more time consuming and tricky than you first imagined!

After Danelle gets back we will be heading down to Busso to do some camping with our neighbours again. If the weather is anything like today then it will be very cold in water down there…

4 thoughts on “Disjointed

  1. I know the feeling, the last two weeks have been all over the place as my wife spent time in hospital, then had to go down in Newcastle but could not drive herself so I was down and back in one night. Then it was stuff with the kids and work and soccer training and more work and daycare and so on all week.

    I see the Bali crew at down to be at Muswellbrook Baptist Church next Sunday so that should give me a reason to go, having not made it for the last few weeks as our heart is elsewhere.

    p.s. While I’m commenting I’ll add that I picked up the DVD value pack of Grassroots this week and so far have watched the first three keynotes. All very good. I’m trying blog each one as I go and resist the urge to just watch them all in one go.

  2. Introduce yourself to Danelle – I’m sure she will be there.

    We nearly all came over, but between $$ and other resps it just wasn’t going to be a wise move

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