Dodgy Movies

Occasionally I drop down to the video store and pick up a DVD that tells something of the story of the troubles in Ireland during the time I grew up there (64-74) and always find it intriguing to see how I view it thru what are now Aussie eyes.

I remember growing up in Belfast and having a completely irrational hatred of Catholics – I say irrational because I didn’t know any and had no good reason to hate them – and then coming to Oz only to discover that we all played together in this part of the world.

Tonight while Danelle was out I picked up IRA King of Nothing and was looking forward to an interesting history lesson and some footage of where I grew up. Sadly it was a hopeless movie with a lousy storyline and B grade American actors who couldn’t hold an Irish accent to save themselves. This reviewer sums it up well!

So I have clicked it off in favour of watching Friday night football… only to discover that Hawthorn are whoopin Collingwood 48-10. Could be time for an early night…

3 thoughts on “Dodgy Movies

  1. Hi Hamo,

    I saw a devastating film about Ireland recently. The Wind that Shakes the Barley. It certainly shook the few of us who were watching. I recommend it if your up for a v. heavy watch.


  2. Seen a few of those US movies Hamo. Usually the Troubles viewed through the eyes of a dewy-eyed American romanticism

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