Douglas the Dipstick

I was as ecstatic as anyone the day we heard that Douglas Wood had been freed from captivity in Iraq. He is someone’s husband, dad and brother and is in many ways ‘one of us’.

I was impressed with how the Wood (en!) brothers handled the whole process and how the different groups made it happen.

Then this morning I just about choked on my muesli when Wood was asked if he would consider returning to Iraq and he said… "Yes"


Because of some potential business deals – which would seem to infer that there is big $$$ to be made. (Of course the book and speaking deals he has been setting up could be enough to look after him for life anyway.)

Thanks everyone!… Thanks for the 12 million dollars spent, thanks for risking your lives and worrying about me. Now I think I might go back and add a few more $$$$ to my bank account.

‘Dipstick’ is the word that comes to mind. At least the word that i am happy to post 🙂 Lets not treat this clown like a hero. The reason he got out alive is because some people did intelligent and courageous things.

They are the heroes. Douglas Wood is not a hero.

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