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What I love about my life at the moment is the autonomy/flexibilty that goes with what I do. I work pretty hard, but I get to do it in my time and in my way.

At 2.00pm today the temperature was up around the 37 degree mark and by that point I hadn’t done any exercise so it was a perfect time to head out for a swim.

I have been swimming along the beach for the last couple of weeks as a way of staying fit, now that my knee is almost cactus.

Today I hopped in the landy and bashed my way thru the tracks to a private beach just north of where we live – private enough for an old guy to be walking along it in the nuddy.

It was one of those days when the ocean is dead flat and deep blue/green – beautiful! I am not a big fan of swimming as I tend to get bored looking at black lines in swimming pools, but the ocean is always a bit different.

Today I swam out about 200 metres until I was over the rocky bottom and then swam a kilometre north from there. It was really nice being able to observe all that was going on below and to see the changing ocean bottom – much more interesting than a swimming pool.

Occasionally I worry as I swim along. What if I get a cramp? What if I start to get pulled out to sea and couldn’t get back in? If anything went wrong, I’d be stuffed. There is no one around for miles!

I guess that’s the risk of swimming alone in the ocean away from the crowds, but its a risk I’m happy to take for the enjoyment it brings. Gotta love a blue ocean on a hot day!

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