Dr Google diagnoses PLMD

It seems there is a syndrome/condition for everything!

The last two nights Danelle has had to get up from our bed and sleep in the spare room. I haven’t been naughty – but I have been ‘twitching’ in my sleep.

My legs move when I sleep often in a rhythmic kind of a way (so I’m told), but also with a jerkiness that makes the bed shudder and hence wakes her up.

Its started to become a problem so I went to my good friend ‘google’ and typed in ‘what causes twitching in your sleep?‘ and discovered a whole world out there of sleep twitchers!

There is PLMD (period limb movement disorder) and also RLS (restless leg syndrome) both with similar symptoms and as you may have guessed no proven cure… These are kinda nocturnal versions of irritable bowel syndrome!

Its a funny world when you can get online and self diagnose with some degree of accuracy and bypass the doctor (yes I know I shouldn’t do it as a practice) but the problem remains and I’m not sure there is much can be done…

Ironically people with this syndrome are supposed to wake up tired, or need naps during the day. That has never been the case for me. Its usually Danelle who needs the nap because I keep her awake!showtime movie

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