Dream Team

Tomorrow night we have another team meeting, this time to do a bit of planning for the year ahead and to throw around some important issues (as well as eat copious amounts of food and drink large amounts of red wine!)

I hear some horror stories from time to time of people who have it really tough with obstructive or difficult leadership teams. (Shuddering as I type)

I feel really priveleged to work with a very supportive, encouraging and wise team. I didn’t hand pick these guys, but when God called me, I sensed him saying to ask each one of them to be part of this team. They obviously felt it too. If I had ‘hand picked’ I’m not sure I could have done any better!

I have spent a fair bit of time the last few weeks praying, thinking and writing about some of the ‘where to from here questions’, something I believe is a vital part of good leadership! I’m looking forward to seeing how God leads us as we toss around some ideas and dream about the future.grumpier old men movie download

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