Driscoll Addresses Sydney Anglicans on 18 Obstacles to Effective Evangelism


says some very challenging things about the Sydney Anglican brand of Australian Christianity.

However his comments cut more broadly across the Australian church as a whole and point to some of our glaring weaknesses as a wider body.

Hirschy download edtv dvdrip free ace ventura when nature calls tells me we have much to learn from the Americans about entrepeunrial spirit and supporting one another compared to the Aussie play it safe attitude mixed with tall poppy syndrome.

I’m not a Driscoll fan at all, but I think he says some useful stuff here if we are prepared to listen. HT

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9 thoughts on “Driscoll Addresses Sydney Anglicans on 18 Obstacles to Effective Evangelism

  1. I concur with where where Alan is going. I think Driscoll is way off on most things, but outside perspective is normally a good thing to listen to at times.

  2. Though Driscoll comes across to me as a loose cannon sometimes – I have to admire the Sydney Anglicans for inviting him to speak – and yes, I agree there is quite a bit of useful stuff to be found in those statements.

    Thing is though we might not be “doing anything wrong” the problem could quite simply be us and our relationship with God and our inability to discern His heart and mind for those who are perishing and trying to use programs and gimmicks to compensate for our failure – the best tool the Holy Spirit has for evangelism in my proximities is me.

  3. Interesting that he suggests you need young men to plant churches – don’t waste too much time in college, let them get into ministry quickly. (But then he goes on to say they should get married and have kids first).

    How much is a church (in particular a new one) affected by the age of their minister?

    Much of what he said rankled, mostly because I’m not a Real Man 🙂

  4. I dont think Driscoll is saying not to have kids and get married…while at college or while planting a church.

    I think a new church is naturally greatly affected by the age of the minister. The church planter needs to be able to relate…to those he is trying to reach.

  5. Thanks for this post. Mark D certainly does have some good things to say to all of us.

    Mark comes across as a bit agressive but seems to have his heart in the right place.

  6. hi mully – probably depends who you talk to, but for me its the way he communicates.

    i may not agree with all of his theology, but then there are plenty of people with whom I disagree.

    So I’d say its more in the way he disgarees with people belitting and mocking them.

    I like a straight shooter and he is that, but from where I stand he isn’t man whose church i would want to join!

  7. As an ex-sydney Anglican, I say bring on a good critque. It doesn’t all fit, but it is good to have the status quo challenged… Sydney Anglicans asked for it, Driscoll graciously delivered it.

    “…Rebuke a wise man and he will love you…” Proverbs 9:8-9


    PS I love talking about the ministry of the Holy Spirit, Driscoll?

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