‘Drop Everything’

Occasionally you just need to ‘drop everything’.

Today I was on my way to the Two Rocks rec centre to check out what’s going on in our community and I took a brief detour to The Spot, a local surf break that is good, but usually packed.

As I drove down the track I noticed it was offshore… hmmm… a light breeze – and then I got into the carpark and was the only one there. Usually this means the surf is crap. But today although it was small there were sets coming thru that were very ridable and there was no one out.

To get decent waves to yourself is a luxury so I spun around and headed for home to grab my board and wetsuit before anyone else turned up. Somehow in the rush I managed to grab the board and forget the wetsuit… so although it was a very good surf it was also a pretty cold one and a short one.

I was out there alone for a while before one other bloke followed me out. Probably the best day I have had at The Spot, but it needed a ‘drop everything’ moment for it to happen.

Sometimes you just have to do it.

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