Ecclesial Missions or Missional Ecclesias?

Ok, so maybe that’s a bit pedantic, but we do sometimes get horse and cart the wrong way around. The church was birthed because of mission and since then we have been trying to make sure we don’t simply morph into a club for the converted.

Even when we start to use old fashioned words like ‘missional’ we can still be ‘missional in name only’ and I would suggest that this is what has happened around the place to some extent.

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As a senior pastor of a small church I am not even sure if the word ‘missional’ is in the vocab of our church. As we begin the journey I will be interested to see how people are thinking and how we make the mission of God central to our lives together. In some ways ‘no knowledge’ is better than being simply familiar and innoculated against missional concepts and praxis.

I think the cartoon above says it well…

Gotta love irony!…

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