Email and Identity

As we move house I lose my ‘’ email address and I guess like many people I am tired of changing email addresses. I’d like a ‘home’ so to speak when it comes to email.

My other emails are ‘’ and the same at hotmail (where all my spam and crap goes) and then

I feel like the ‘backyardmissionary’ email is definitely me, but it can be an odd one to give to people, apart from being quite long. I’d like to keep my business email purely for business so I don’t think its an option. I also doubt I will be doing reticulation and turf for the rest of my life.

I have been exploring some other options (a ‘family’ domain name ‘’ or similar) or a different kind of gmail. Of course andrewhamilton@gmail is long gone and then it becomes a case of being andrewhamilton9765… no thanks. is available as is, but I’m not sure they ‘feel’ quite right.

Yeah I’m a fussy bugger.

Right now I’m thinking ‘backyardmissionary@gmail’ might be me… unless I can be a little more creative.

Either way, if you email me on the hamo@brightontown address then you will find it bouncing in July as we will no longer have that account.

3 thoughts on “Email and Identity

  1. Go with the domain name, ‘family’ or other. I did that years and years ago, It’s been great. Just like your blog (, Google will also host your domain email for free. With a few clicks of the mouse, you could be

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