Emerging Established?

A question for those who have knowledge of the emerging church.

Next Sunday night Compass is doing a story on the Franciscan monks in Minto in Sydney. While I haven’t seen the show and have only heard the 15 second blurb, it sounds a little like some of the discussion I have read here about the emerging church – which led in my mind to the next question, “Can established church, alse be emerging?”.

It is quite possible that this question has already been answered before – but I’ve missed it.

I’m very fond of Franciscans, and of the Missionaries of Charity (The order founded by Mother Theresa). They do some amazing work and have good values – OK the Friars have got a bit of history and some weird mysticism at times but I can live with that!

I have noticed when around them that there is often no overt effort at conversion – often almost a rule against the attempt in fact. They do their work and allow that to witness to their faith, is that also part of the emerging church?

And why is an Athiest so interested anyway? (and yes – feel free to answer that question for me!)download rescuers the police academy 5 assignment miami beach dvdrip

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