End of the Road?

Over the last year I have made a point of dropping in at our local tavern each Friday afternoon to hang out there and maybe make some connections with local people.

elephant man the movie This activity began well as I found myself meeting people each week and a regular crew were forming who I was feeling a part of.

Over the last 4 months I have been more erratic in my own time spent there, but the familiar faces have also seemed to disappear. Its as if there is a different crowd each week now and I feel a bit dislocated.

Up until my last two visits (today being one of them) I have always been able to easily strike up a conversation with someone. Maybe I’m just tired… Maybe its just not an easy scene… or maybe its time to explore some other places to find connections…

The jury is out, but I am wondering about the merit of continuing this regular Friday gig. Perhaps when the Brighton tavern finally goes up next year I can start it up again – perhaps when I finish teaching and don’t feel so reclusive on a Friday afternoon I will have some energy.

Perhaps… I dunno… I’m just not sure what to do here.

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