Enemies or Partners?

This is the million dollar question…

‘How can the emerging missional church and the established church co-exist?’

Its not my question this time, but Roo’s, one of our forge interns. It is his .acom assignment question and he has posted it on his blog and asked for some online input.

I suggested it would be an interesting exercise for those of us who blog in this field and who are genuinely interested in the question to offer our input (that way he’s at least got some ‘references’ when I come to mark it!)

So what about it?

Why not give him your input as someone actually working in the whole area and help him shape an assignment based on the experiences of those in the know and those who deal with the issues day to day.

I am actually interested to see just how effective it might be using the net as a resource.

Either drop him a comment or post on your own site and link back to him so others can give him some input.

I’ll post my own thoughts later when I’ve had time to sort the dribble from the rubbish.

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