Entire Emerging Church Movement Disbanding


You heard it first here. As of today emerging church leaders around the globe have decided to call it quits and go back to what they have always known.

A worldwide blog hook-up was followed by an amazing show of unity, in which every emerging church around the world has agreed to disband, give their cash reserves to an established church, and join them on Sundays.

Emerging church leader Ima Stounded has remarked that "this is probably the best thing for the movement as it will prevent us from becoming just another tired denomination that will need tranforming in a few years time. Now we can kick back, relax and let others do all the hard work. I’m quite looking forward to it!"

I’m a little sad that we have had to close our own church but it does allow for more time to go fishing.

I guess that also signals the end of this blog… Church is over… go home.

If you’d like to read more about all the developments then go here

lost stallions the journey home divx online

. Link via Phil.

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