3 thoughts on “Everyday Mission and Church

  1. All good stuff but I don’t understand why there is any need for a book- isn’t this common sense, obvious and what we are called to do? It would be a pity if this comes as a surprise.

  2. HI J

    Yeah I agree, but its funny how we can ignore the obvious and (maybe even dull) in favour of the more spectactular.

    I think what has happened over the years in church life is that the mundane and routine parts of life have been seen as not ‘real mission work’ and we have elevated the big events which people come to or the special projects that we call ‘mission events’ so many people simply don’t ‘get’ that their everyday life is to be lived in that way.

  3. I spent some time with Tim a few years back and he would probably agree with Janet. But as a friend of mine says “it’s amazing how hard we (Christians) have to work to be normal”.

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