Well – life is back to usual here on the blog.

It seems that the database file was badly corrupted, hence the weird look and inability to comment. Justin has fixed it but unfortunately all comments are lost. Its a bit of a bummer but maybe a reminder that there are many bigger things in life than a blog.

I don’t know about you, but I rarely read back over comments. Its a shame those who join a conversation late don’t get to see what others have said, but… that’s life sometimes!

Excrement occurs.

3 thoughts on “Excrement

  1. Our whole site died the other day, they changed from American servers to an Optus server in Melbourne. Everything died. Its a pitty they didn’t warn us first we could have done a backup or somthing. It looks like everything is now ok, even the comments.

  2. Ahhh its amazing how these things just die. And there’s never anything you can do about it.

    Sorry that it wasn’t just a client server issue… it would have been a much friendlier fix

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