I know I haven’t blogged much on here in the last few weeks, but I have actually been blogging quite a bit – over at my reticulation blog. I’m working pretty hard to get the content up and hopefully see it shoot up the google rankings a bit.

We had the pleasure of hosting my old mate Andrew Jones and his family for lunch a couple of weeks back and Andrew helped me understand some of what I need to do for the blog to be useful.

My goal is a simple one – to write enough relevant stuff so that when people google their reticulation & turf questions I am right up there on the top google listings. I’ve tried reading problogger and some other sites, but I get a bit lost in all of the tips and strategies so it was good to have Andrew summarise what I need to do simply. Now I’m just getting on with it.

Someone asked me if writing a blog isn’t actually counter-productive as it shows people how to do what I could be getting paid to do. Not so I’d suggest. In fact what it does is introduces people to someone who actually knows a bit of what they are talking about and might actually be able to do the job.

Last week I had two customers directly from the blog – people who had gone there to seek answers to their retic questions but ended up just calling me and asking me to do it.

I doubt its going to be an overnight hit, but in time I imagine it will be another valuable ‘hook’ in the water to snag some customers and develop the business.

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