Fair enough?

We have just finished building an investment home and are about to sell it.

I have spent some time over the last few days shovelling dirt around the place to get the levels right for brick paving, so I know where every pile of dirt is on that block now! The guy in the house next door dumped a pile of his dirt on our block before any building started and the mound still sits there. Its not huge, but its probably half a trailer load and I asked him to shift it quite a while back.

I am pondering how it would be to shovel the whole load onto his brand new liquid limestone driveway… I’d love to do it…

The funny thing is, I reckon he’d complain!

It seems its ok to dump crap on vacant blocks but not on finished ones…

I’m still debating whether I will test the theory…

14 thoughts on “Fair enough?

  1. a tragedy of the commons indeed, remove my sh@@ from my yard and put it where I can’t see it nor own it – someone else’s problem now … Hamo, I’d sling it right back.

  2. The squares round BYM will ask WWJD and tell you to suffer in silence.

    Jarrod will tell you to do what Gandhi would do, stop eating and see if your neighbour notices…

    but this Baptist Pastor says shovel the crap over his back fence right into his pool :), and add some spare stuff for your trouble 🙂

  3. Trying to think in terms of effiency and reducing the risk of neighbour-rage, did he agree when you previously asked him? If he did, how about just telling him how grateful you were for his previous committment to move HIS dirt off YOUR property but now that time is of the essence you need him to have it done by -insert date here- I find people can be thrown off when you’re super friendly about their rude behaviour and end up doing more than what is asked! …..ED nursing, you learn to be manipulative…not always a good thing! Let us know how you go 🙂

  4. Slept on what I said last night – I would back the ute up to the pile, grab a shovel and lug it away – but then on a vacant block it could be good for a little landfill – I can not let other’s behaviours good/bad determine the way I live the moment – then I am but just a piece of driftwood on the surf of the sea.

  5. Nothing to raise the ire like inconsiderate neighbours hey!?

    I did develop a plan but because we started so early it didn’t happen.

    I was going to knock on his door and say:

    ‘There is pile of dirt on my block that has come from you (deep breath while he gets ancy…) I have a bobcat coming in today, so I’ll take it away if you like… Do you have any other stuff you’d like to go as well?’

    Makes the point ‘its your dirt pal!’ but also confuses the hell out of him with kindness…

  6. Nice one Hamo!

    Just a side note…you do realise that people buying investment properties have helped push the Perth housing market to astronomical heights? Just a thought.

  7. Yep – you’re right Lance – that is a partial factor. Also contributing has been the undersupply and over-demand due to the resource boom and the number of wealthy Poms and SAs immmigrating.

    What would be your suggestion for a way to responsibly set steward money for the ‘non-paying’ years (I don’t like the concept of retirement) given we have no ‘superannuation’?

  8. I’m not sure, dependence on those who are in their ‘paying’ years (don’t like the concept of retirement either) is one way?

    It’s just part of the economic ‘matrix’ we find ourselves in…

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