“The greatest proof of Christianity for others is not how far a man can logically analyze his reasons for believing, but how far in practice he will stake his life on his belief” TS Eliot

I remember hearing the story of a door to door ‘evangelist’ who was announcing the end of the world on a specific date and trying passionately to get people to sign up to their cause so that they wouldn’t be obliterated on the final day. One rather clever householder who happened to be a lawyer, asked the ‘evangelist’ if he really believed what he was saying was true.

‘Absolutely! No doubt – whatsoever!’ replied the evangelist.

The lawyer then invited the evangelist to sign everything he owned over to him on the day following the ‘end of the world’.

I guess you know what happened next…

We know what we really believe by how we live. Rather confronting at times isn’t it?

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3 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Can’t fault the man too much perhaps he was relying on Hope: Keeping My Money = Hope I’m Wrong or Hope God Gives Another Chance! :0)

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