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It’s always dangerous to write a blog post that involves the letters LGBTQIA , but moreso on a lazy Friday evening after a big feed and when you’re feeling gnarly , But let’s take the risk and live dangerously.

I sat down to watch the news this evening and the lead story concerned the opinions on sexuality – specifically LGBTQIA – of an ex tennis world champion, turned Pentecostal pastor. Apparently this is the biggest of news in WA at the moment. Margaret Court happens to take a pretty straight line on how she reads the Bible in relation to sexuality and she preaches it like that. You kinda have to, if you believe it. I haven’t discussed her views with her, but I suspect we would probably be quite similar.

But over the years this view has become abhorrent, despicable and even ‘disgusting’, was the word Daniel Andrews used – so much so that we should not award an Australia day honour to such a person.


What have we become as a society that we believe in freedom of speech, so long as it conforms to the socio-political norms of the day? This is a huge backward step for an open democratic society – and we have been on this PC trajectory for some time now.

In a country that apparently respects freedom of speech, what’s despicable, abhorrent and disgusting are people who single out one or two prominent people and seek to use them to prevent freedom of speech as well as pitching their own toxic message to the broader community.

I suspect Steve McAlpine’s new book “Being the Bad Guys”, speaks directly to this issue – that Christians have gone being somewhat nerdy and oh so lame, to now being a genuine danger to society. Really? Us?…

With our fundamentalist perspectives on sexuality we really do not belong in this enlightened and progressive age. And because you don’t belong we will shut you down and demean you publicly so that others who share that view will be quiet – or maybe even be swayed to change and ‘get with the program’.

I have no problem with people critiquing my perspective on sexuality, which I believe is based (as much as I am able to do so) on the words of the Bible. I am open to the fact that I could be wrong. Perhaps God has created people of all sorts of sexualities, and the Bible is culturally bound etc.

But I don’t read the Bible that way. I can’t just change a conviction to fit into my culture.

I wish I could because then I’d be a ‘likeable Christian’, not one of ‘those types’. But I am one of those types in some way – and I’m happy to put my views up here, not because I am particularly proud of them, or because I want to hurt LGBTQIA people, but simply because I hold them and there is nothing wrong with that

Repeat after me Australia – there is nothing wrong with holding a contrary opinion.

There is no such thing as free speech and respect for diversity – with the exception of Christians. The demand is that we conform or be punished in some way. Perhaps we need ‘re-educating’ – are there camps for that sort of thing?… Maybe we could ask some of our northern Asian neighbours for some advice?

If everyone is entitled to having their point of view permitted and respected, then that means everyone… e v e r y o n e!

This is not a post about what is right or wrong with our perspectives on sexuality. Rather its a post pointing out the total incongruities of those who demand conformity from Christians, but freedom for everyone else.

You can’t have your cake and eat it. Speech is either free or its not…

If you want to make a comment then go ahead, but I won’t be getting into a debate on the rights or wrongs of sexuality. As I mentioned before this is not about sexuality, but about a progressive western culture demanding its people conform and either get with the programme on this one issue, or expect sanctions and punishments.

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