Falling Apart

I am 41.

That is not young, and by today’s standards I should have at least around 40 decent years left.

I am also a bit obsessive about fitness (I would say ‘health’ but my diet betrays me on that one!) however over the last few years my body has been falling apart.

As a result of some bad practice in my youth (running on hard surfaces) I have developed tendonitis of the ilio-tibial tract – the band that runs down the outside of the thigh and joins up at the lower leg.

I went from being able to run 12kms easily to 6kms to 4… to the point where last year I was no longer able to actually run that distance without pain and inflammation. I can walk for an hour, but it just doesn’t feel like real exercise. I want to exercise in such a way that I really expend some effort!

I have tried cycling and quite enjoy it, but it also inflames the tendon… So – looks like its swimming or maybe hopping!…

After several years of visiting Drs and medical advice I am about to have 3 cortisone shots and then its surgery as a last resort.

Swimming is an option but I just find it so borrrring…

Any thoughts on alternative medicines?

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