Falling Apart

Over the last few years its been a bugger to try and stay in some kind of decent physical shape.

As an ex Phys Ed teacher and sports junkie I have always placed a high emphasis on staying fit. (I’d like to say on ‘being healthy’ but my diet would betray me on that one!) However over the last few years I have struggled with back injuries, knee injuries, and other assorted ailments that have made a regular exercise schedule next to impossible.

Recently we got a treadmill so that we could do stuff at home. I used it for 3 weeks began to attain some level of fitness and then my tendonitis in the ilio-tibial tract which I developed at 21 began to flare up again. This has been the pattern for years now. Start out, develop fitness, get injured.

Now all I’m good for is walking – and even then it hurts.

What to do?…

Swimming is one option, but its so expensive and time consuming… I want a way of being able to exercise either at home or as I walk out my front door. Non weight bearing is probably the way to go at the moment until next week when I get this knee looked at.

I am hoping the specialist will be able to give me some guidance on how to fix it so I can start running again. Right now the future looks bleak and I can feel my own lack of fitness.

Anyway, that’s just get me getting a gripe out. No need to comment 🙂

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