Family First?…

The ‘family first’ crew are certainly doing a big promo for the upcoming election.

My take (from where I sit) is that they are almost all conservative evangelicals who are representing ‘us’.

It has struck me that the phrase ‘family first’ is not one that sits well with me as a Christian. At the risk of sounding pious it would seem that ‘God first’ is more akin to the position a disciple of Jesus should hold.

Family first is so what we hear so often and yet I think its not what we are called to. In fact ‘family worship’ is often the undoing of Christians and churches, as people bend over backwards for their families and sacrifice their discipleship on the altar of family.

I’m not for sacrificing family on the altar of ministry as so often has been the case – but the reverse is not the answer either.

The ‘God first’ party just wouldn’t pull too many votes though would they?…

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