Farewell Queen Mary… Hello ‘The Kingswood’!

Last week I was out at the local grocery shop and saw an add on the notice board for a boat that sounded too good to be true. (You may be aware that I bought a small dinghy – The Queen Mary – only 3 months ago)

boat.jpg I am always wary of these types of scenarios (too good to be true usually is just that) But I decided to have a look… The guy lived around the corner so it was a quick stop in. I expected to see an aging hulk with faded paint and lots of dings. But I was very surprised at what I saw – an older boat but completely re-done thru out.

We talked and he even dropped his price from $5500 to $5100…

This meant it was $1600 more expensive than the Queen Mary and a hell of a bigger/safer/more versatile boat. Danelle and I talked and after much thought agreed we couldn’t put it in the back yard as it was too much of an eyesore… so we agreed to pass it up.

Until… later that same morning we went to visit friends with a beach house in the same area – a place they only live in for 10 weeks of the year. The short story is they agreed to let us keep it there and we took a risk and bought it.


So its farewell Queen Mary (anyone want to buy a great little dinghy??!!) and hello ‘The Kingswood’. In case you’re wondering why ‘The Kingswood’ its because a classic older Australian car was the Kingswood – not always that pretty, but robust, solid and almost indestructible!

This boat has a Kingswood kind of vibe!

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