Farewell to Larry

As my recent post on the Waifs/John Butler concert may have shown, I am not into music in a big way, but I was a Larry Norman fan. As a teenager his songs were provocative, prophetic and often on the edge. He was a Christian rock and roller when it wasn’t cool to be one.


Rodney noted that Larry has died at the age of 60. As TSK says, ‘we might not share eschatologies’, (think of his song ‘I Wish We’d All Been Ready’) but he was a helluva bloke.

Sad to see one of the legends go.finding nemo divx online

4 thoughts on “Farewell to Larry

  1. That’s devastating! I was never really into Christian music – most CCM bands leave me cold or sound like they are ripping off ‘real’ bands like U2 – but Larry was different, Larry was real when, like you say, it wasn’t cool to be Christian. He did write some ‘out there’ stuff but his lyrics always made you think and that’s a good thing. Another link to my youthful past flickers out.

    Vale Larry, a true Legend.

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