Farewell Typepad… I think…

watch hunt for eagle one the in divx Typepad have been upgrading their service and in the process my blog has changed its appearance, and lost some of what I felt was distinctive about it (images/formatting etc). They have told me I can regain that ‘look’ by spending the extra $15.00/month to get a ‘pro subscription’. I politely told them that they have a snowflake’s chance in hell of me doing that.

This blog costs Aus $7.00  / month – bugger all really. But Blogger is free and is now quite comparable in its functionality.

I am thinking its time to leave…

What do you think of the readability/commenting/load time etc of the two different blogs?

Unless this blog proves to be signficantly easier for readers I will probably permanently hop on over to Blogger in 10 days or so.

If you’d like to keep reading then you can find me here

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