Farewell Winston

It was a sad day in the Hamo household today as we bade farewell to our lovely old dog Winston. We picked him up in 1996 at the age of 13 months, badly abused, afraid of his own shadow and as a result pretty socially inept.

He turned out to be a beautiful dog in every way, with enormous energy and great patience with kids, but 14 years on his legs were giving way and we would regularly wake up to dog poo in the house. We have known for a while that his time was coming.

So last week I made the trip to the vet to get him assessed and we made the tough call to say goodbye. Today was the day. Ellie didn’t want to go down so I stayed home with her and dug the hole, while Sam and Danelle took him for the needle. Sam got scared and stayed in the waiting room, so Danelle was left with him.

We buried him in the backyard ($115.00 for a ‘group cremation’ was never going to happen) and he now has a mango tree planted on top of him.

We’re all pretty sad, yet at the same time conscious that the future was only looking darker for him and that it was better to make the call now.

We are all grateful for having such a great mate for so long.

9 thoughts on “Farewell Winston

  1. It is sad, it’s been five years since we made the same trip with our German Shepard “Bella”

    Our two boys now 10 and 8 still talk ago her. Hope the kids do OK

  2. Hi guys – thinking of and praying for you in your loss, and looking back at a photo I took of Winston in October 05. What a beautiful story of love healing the abused soul; of a family sharing in God’s work of redemption. Those years will have shaped Ellie and Sam, helped set a pattern for their lives. Love you guys.

  3. I’m so sorry guys…it’s so terribly hard. Our Kelly is on borrowed time and although we thought yesterday was her day, she battles on for the time being. Lots of love to you all….and maybe read Rainbow Bridge (you’ll find it if you Google) – it’s the best little rememberance for our furry family friends.


  4. So sad to hear the news Hamiltons. He was a really nice and loyal dog. Can’t go past the labs and goldy’s!I know how you are all feeling.

    I still remember the day when my family and I went to put our dog Taree down. It was the worst day of my life and to this day still is. They are part of the family and are loved very much. My thoughts are with you guys as you deal with the loss. Take care, James

  5. Winston was a wonderful gift to you all of love and loyalty. So sad you only have them for so few years but I’m sure you would not have missed out on his place in your home and hearts. Lots of good memories. So sorry to hear.

    Love Jen & Pete

  6. Sorry for you all,

    we had a ginger Cocker Spaniel for 16 years….. took us 5 years to replace him, he is never out of my thoughts… take care

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