Fast (Frozen) Eddy’s

Some of you local Perth people will be old enough to remember the days when Fast Eddy’s was a popular local cafe. There weren’t many cafes in Perth back then and this 24 hour burger joint was always a bit of a treat.

Well, we went there tonight after visiting a friend in hospital in Subiaco. I am not the world’s most fussy eater (I will eat McDonalds) but if I’m paying decent money then I half expect decent food.

Tonight I was attracted to the ‘seafood feast’, fish, prawns, scallops etc with chips. At $22.00 it wasn’t expensive, but I still wasn’t ready for what arrived. Both the kids and I received a wonderful array of frozen seafoods re-heated to perfection.

The squid, prawns and scallops were all pretty average, but the fish was in a league of its own. My kids who love fish and chips refused to eat it and I have to admit that after 2 bites I was ready to heave. I called the waitress over and asked what kind of fish it was. We discussed its species and origins briefly and I explained that Bird’s Eye frozen fish wasn’t quite what I was hoping for.

To their credit they did offer a replacement meal, but with two kids in tow, it all got a bit frantic as we waited and then downed a second meal.

I reckon it should be illegal to serve re-heated frozen fish!

The highlight of the night was getting Sam to eat a lemon…download meet the spartans movie

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