Father’s Day

I have two beautiful kids who are at the age when celebrations really matter. Father’s day is a big thing! (They’ll get over it I’m sure!)

But for now I will enjoy it. They wanted to give me breakfast in bed today, but Danelle was too wiped out from the gardening the previous day, so I got up and gave them breakfast…

I was reading my Bible when Ellie walked over and wanted to get involved. Its always a reminder to me that my own engagement with God can always wait when my kids are interested, so we sat and read the Bible together. Helen has been teaching the kids some brilliant stuff and they have all learnt the books of the New Testament, so today we were starting to explore the Old Testament when Sam came over with his present – a wacky photo of him from kindy.

We had a great morning




(And in case you’re wondering, some of these ‘photo-fest’ posts are more for my benefit than anyone else’s! I don’t tend to organise photos very well…)outlaw trail the treasure of butch cassidy divx online

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