A good mate has just begun a new project and its web home is http://www.feedfivethousand.com jerry maguire divx online

Owen Beck is a Brighton local and has a dream for helping people in need get a feed and a few mates, so each Sunday he is heading down to a park near the church he part of with a portbable barbecue, a few sausages and some salad, cooks up a feed and invites people to join in.

The park is in the inner suburbs of Perth and he’s looking to connect with some of the people in that area who are finding life tough.

His dream is to see people doing similar things in parks all over Oz and I know he’d love to hear from people who are willing to engage in a simple act of kindness and show God’s love in practical ways.

He’s also got some confronting T Shirt designs on his website – you might like to print out an iron on sticker with some of his logos, like… ‘Jesus loves Muslims’…

Owen is a bit of a legend round Perth for his time in the Rockin Rabbi’s, a band who were a both a prophetic voice and a hell of a lot of fun. He is now a media teacher at Swan Christian High School, and still a prophetic voice.

What I like about Owen is that he simply gets up and ‘does it’. He quotes an old aboriginal man on his website who he met in the park last Sunday who says “nothin will happen if you don’t do sumthin”.

Goodonya for ‘doin sumthin’ mate!

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