Feels Good

Its been a sensational 2 days at the Forge war of the worlds free intensive. You may have guessed I was feeling a tad apprehensive at how it would go with just 20 enrolled.

But I guess it all depends on which 20 people you have. This group are an incisive and engaging group who have really dug into the stuff and interacted with it. Its been an inspiring and valuable time.

Today Al did his stuff on missional spirituality and then Kim followed with two sessions on the chaos of family and mission as well as telling the story of the junction.

I reckon the ones who really hit the mark today were the 3 Brighton girls though!

We have created a 30 min slot for what we call ‘local heroes’ – people who are out there doing it in our own backyards. It was great to have Bec, Heidi and Danelle there from our team today and rather than me talking about Brighton, I got these guys up to share their experiences. The feedback from what they had to say has been awesome. People loved hearing the stories of what ordinary people have learnt and done as they have set out as missionaries.

Bec shared the genuine struggle of being the youngest, having no kids, and finding themselves so busy travelling to and from work, but also having discovered a real niche with Andrew’s football team. These guys have been getting to know the football team he pays for and loving it.

Heidi told her story of thinking how easy it would be, and discovering it was harder than she thought to make friends and connect. She shared some of what she and Mike and have been doing – again it was inspiring!

And then Danelle shared some of what she has been learning about loving people and really connecting as friends with those outside of our Christian closet.

I felt inspired just to see the journey these guys have been on with God over the last year or so.

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