Finally Passion-ate

Today I went to see The Passion with a mate.

It has taken me a while, but I never felt up for a Saturday night out watching a bloke have the crap beaten out of him before dying.

It was a pretty affronting movie – less so than I expected (the advantage of hearing so much hype!) but still it impacted me.

My friend (who is ‘Ok with churches and Christians so long as they don’t disturb him’.) found it even more affronting. Despite my pre movie warnings to him, when it was all over we sat there for a few minutes before moving. He was stunned and couldn’t articulate anything of what he felt when we had a coffee afterwards.

For me the parts that captured my imagination were;

– Jesus as a carpenter – an earthy bloke with a good sense of humour – this is how I have often seen him.
– Judas’ post betrayal experiences – I don’t think I ever thought much about what it would have been like to be Judas.
– The scene where Mary sees Jesus fall down the steps witht the weight of the cross and then we flash back to the 4 year old Jesus falling and skinning his knee – he is still someone’s little boy.
– Jesus’ ‘good eye’ – thru the torture he seemed to have one eye that kept a sense of focus while the other was badly bruised. He seemed ‘present’ for the experience.

There were probably others I have forgotten – but for my money I reckon it was sensational. I know many have written critiques of the movie, but as one who simply wanted to experience it, I have to say it was a brilliant movie.

It was interesting seeing it with someone who would not call themselves a Christian and considering how it impacted them. Not sure what to make of it all yet in that slap shot movie download

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