Fired Up

I haven’t commented on the bushfire tragedy here in Oz this week.

Its hard to know what to write without sounding either trite or glib. It has been a shocking and devastating week for many people.

What it has shown very clearly however are the two sides of human nature.

How totally braindead dipsticks can go around lighting more fires while people die and others risk their lives fighting them is beyond me. Surely this is the dark side of humanity – the human race at its worst – ‘sin’ at its most brazen. I don’t know anyone who is anything but appalled at this tragedy and would want to see the arsonists suffer great punishment.

By contrast there is the amazing spirit of support and co-operation from all over Australia to give help to those who have suffered – a beautiful picture of humanity at its best – loving and caring for one another simply because there is need. The generosity has been great to see.

Its a reminder that we are sinful people capable of incredible depravity and yet at the same time created in the image of God and equally capable of acts of kindness and goodness.

of course out in left field (or more correctly ‘far right’ field) there is the Christian leader who wants to see the bushfires as the judgement of God on Victoria for passing the pro-abortion bill… I could write so much more… and I would like to… but I think it best if I simply let you know that he and I do not agree on that one.

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  1. Hi Hamo, I share your sentiments on the bush fires and whilst I had not heard about the christian leader calling it the judgement of God in this case but I have certainly heard it when other tragedys have struck and this is not what people need to hear who have sufferred such great loss, but I personally struggle with this whole issue. When I read the scriptures especially the old testament God certainly brought judgement when his people were disobedient and we know that in the end all will stand before the judgement seat, so do you think God judges nations today, what is his response when nations turn from him and we begin to look like Sodom and Gommorrah and all moral restraint is cast off.

    Its a bit of a no win situation , if you say judgement then you make God out to be cruel and if you say god loves you then the question is why didnt he stop this from happening if he loves me?

    How do we as christians grapple with these things?

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