First Day New Job

Ok so the first day was Monday when we had our leader’s meeting, but this morning we fronted up as a family to Quinns Community Baptist Church, the group of people we will be leading for the next 6 months.

As I woke up in the morning my mind reflexed back to my time at Lesmurdie… a church of 400 or so with 3 services. I would get there at 8.00am to pray with the crew, then there was the 8.30 service, the 10.15 and the 6.30 with a bit of time at home for a nap.

I was immediately feeling very relieved to wake at 7.00 and realise I didn’t need to roll out of bed in a hurry to get to the prayer meeting. I was equally relieved to be driving home from my parent’s carol’s service tonight realising that we didn’t need to be concerned for the running of an evening service.

It was a pretty warm ole day by Perth standards – 38 degrees or something similar – and you felt every bit of it in the school building in which we meet. It was a longish service too by normal Quinns standards and mentally I began to cull my sermon realising I had probably bitten off more than I could chew for one day. I was planning to do it over two weeks but as I got up to speak realised than next week had already been accounted for… .

So it was a case of adapt and figure it out as you go.

As far as church services go it was fine – but then if you’ve read here for a while then you already know that I am not overly worried about whether we achieve ‘excellence’ or if we just have a great time together. I reckon it was a great time together and the vibe around the place was very positive – always encouraging.

I am increasingly feeling like we may have something of value to offer these guys and am looking forward to the 6 months ahead. We have set ourselves some simple but achievable goals that will let us know if we are a viable long term prospect or whether we are likely to ruffle too many feathers.

There were some moments of great joy this morning as we began this new stage of the journey and we’re looking forward to what develops with this great group of people…

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8 thoughts on “First Day New Job

  1. You’re clearly so proud of your ‘theological’ Christianity and your rejection of the unsophisticated believers you disdain across the way. In actuality, you are poor, blind, wretched and poor. Get over yourselves. You’re pleasing nobody but your own pseudo-religious selves.

  2. Aurora… time for another herbal tea, luv!

    Whatever floats your boat, Hamo. 1 instead of 3 sounds like a pretty fair option!

    Yesterday morning, I spent the morning with a few hundred families down by the Busselton Jetty.

    Might do it again next week!! 🙂

    (“poor, blind, wretched…” – HAH! Haven’t laughed so much in ages…)

  3. Hi Aurora

    Why so aggressive?

    You seem to have taken the high moral ground here but for what reason?

    You also refer to a group of people – do you mean the Quinns church Hamo is now leading?

    How can you refer to these people in this way?

    Have you been there? Have you met them?

    I hope one day you feel brave enough to let your real name be known.

    Its a shame when people comment anonymously as there is no way of knowing who they are or where they are coming from.

    Hamo – I didn’t think you would allow anonymus commenters?


  4. Christine…

    I have no idea who ‘Aurora’ is. They obviously don’t feel sufficient strength of conviction about what they have to say to put a real name to themselves.

    I let the comment thru as sometimes its worth seeing the kind of stuff that comes my way.

    This is definitely the more extreme end though.

  5. Mate, that ‘aurora’ likes to slam you with Rev.3:17, but seems to have missed v.15: “I know your deeds…”

    Might deeds such as anonymous swiping from the cloak of cyberspace equally be cast as “wretched, pitiful, poor, blind & naked”?

    Aurora, if you want to have a good conversation with Christian transparency (as per 2 Cor. 4:2) I suggest you drop the cloak and have the gumption to be honest!



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