Fishers of Fish

nemo.jpeg Tomorrow Herdo and Mark and I head out to try and catch a few fish. Herdo is a fairly legendary fisherman and Mark is a neighbour I have only just met.

Me” I’m a lover of fish but pretty hopeless at catching them. Hopefully I’ll learn a bit of these two!

It’s funny how we met Mark”

He and his wife live about a km away also in Brighton, and she is in Danelle’s mother’s group. Recently they decided to sell their house to come and ‘live in our street’ because they like the vibe better here – more parties – more community (their words not mine.) The funny thing is they sold their house in 1 day and have bought a block just round the corner”

They seem like great people so we are really looking forward to getting to know them better.

Part of our dream in moving here was that we would be part of creating a community that people would want to be part of. Its great to see that happening!

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