At last the air con bloke has got the air con to work as it is intended and we can go on holidays without having to worry about driving around in an oven.

It seems that the automatic thermostat was no longer doing what it needed to do automatically, so a manual thermo and a new TX valve where in order.

Frankly I’m just glad its over and we can move on!

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6 thoughts on “Fixed


    So glad it is sorted at long last.

    Don’t think too long about the cost… think about the reduced whinge factor at 3:30pm on day 9 of 36C…

  2. Good to know that God answers prayers. No idea about his timing, but I guess you’ve built up a fairly open and honest relationship with the guys at the garage.

    Happy travels.

    Still very jealous : )

  3. And your facebook status reflects the health of your air-con – kinda cute!

    I may not get another chance to say so before you set off, but I hope you all have a great trip.

    Travel safe (and cool!),


  4. Have a good trip mate. Can’t believe that after all that palava, it just got down to a thermo and a TX valve…

    … but all’s well that ends well. In this case, a good ending to the trip’s beginning, so to speak.

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