As I sit here two annoying sticky flies have been hopping around my study occasionally sitting on me for moment until I can be bothered swooshing them away.

Fly spray has been banned in the Hamilton household as Envirogirl has recently become quite the master of the fly swat. If you’re a winged insect in our kitchen then watch out! The only problem is that she has been away for 3 days and the flies have been cavorting like teenage rabbits.

So now the little buggers are everywhere and I have just one small plastic implement to get rid of them…

I think I might need to go and buy my own private (and secret) can of fly spray just for moments like these. If I get found out though…

2 thoughts on “Flies

  1. Buy another three swats – only a dollar or so each and you can have one handy in each room.

    We’ve been a no-spray household for some years and you quickly become a master of green-plastic-fly-terror-death-swat-ninja.

  2. I saw on the telly tonight that insects don’t particularly like citronella. So if you buy a small bottle of citronella (you can usually get things like that at health food shops) and put a few drops in a spray bottle with water, and spray on the surfaces/at the flies that might help get rid of them – homemade fly spray!!

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