Flying Blind – Weekend in Meeka

Tomorrow I head off to ‘outback’ Meekatharra (see the google earth pic!) to lead the Long Tan memorial dawn service on Saturday morning. My knowledge of Long Tan is limited and my experience at these kinds of events is non-existent so it will be interesting to see how it goes…

I am staying at the ‘Commerical Hotel’ in Meekatharra until Monday (first flight out) so it should prove to be a different kind of weekend. I don’t know whether I will have plenty to do, or will have a weekend of solitude…


I also don’t know quite what to wear and haven’t heard back from them yet… so I think I’ll be taking 3 different sets of gear from the casual to the formal.

It is also a challenge to help people engage in this kind of a service in way that helps them remember, but also deals carefully with all the aspects of war that we must grapple with.

Either way I reckon it’ll be a new adventure!

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