4 thoughts on “Forge Canada

  1. Hamo,

    That’s great news. I hope it thrives. I sadly note that there are no females in any position of leadership or even as advisors. Really, how can things move forward if that is still the case in 2008? Perhaps we need to start enforcing quotas?


  2. Hamo,

    My idea of quotas was a bit tongue in cheek (a bit) as I am oriented towards merit too but merit clearly isn’t working. I raise this issue constantly and people just go blearly eyed and look away. This is a most serious issue and we are simply not ’emergent signs’ of a healthy missional future if our systems are still so patriarchial.

    For the record, on my church’s pastoral team everyone was appointed on merit and we have 3 females and 2 males.

    Anyway I’m off on three weeks leave now so watch me disappear!


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