Forge Intensive Coming…

Starting this Saturday is our second Forge intensive.

Alan Hirsch is coming from the east along with Kim Hammond to be the key presenters and we wil be looking at Mission, Discipleship and Spirituality, discussing the whole deal of developing a healthy spirituality within a missional context.

Both Kim, Alan and Brian Stitt have some great stuff to contribute on this theme and I think it will be good for us to think differently about spirituality. Rather than seeing it as purely a contemplative exercise we can see it as something that happens in more normal every day experiences as well as in the active practices of mission and service.

Lately I have been using the car as a place to pray. I never used to do that – it seemed like a cop out for simply stopping to be with God (and it probably was) but when it takes 40 minutes to get to the city and you do that a few times a week its a great place to connect with God. I do a lot of intercessory prayer in the car now.

Its interesting trying to assess the momentum Forge is generating over here at present. I have been a little disappointed that only 20 people have enrolled for the intensive as we were hoping for 30ish, but maybe that’s just par for the course as you look to get something off the ground amongst a fringe crowd.

I reckon there are people out there who would find this stuff inspiring, but geting them to commit four days is sometimes a big ask.

One of the things Jim Collins discovered in ‘Good to Great’ was that momentum was gained very slowly. There was no momentus event that changed a company from good to great, but just a whole heap of small things over a long period of time. So far we have been operating a short time, but I am sometimes impatient and want to see things come along quicker.

I guess its another case of ‘get over it Andrew’…

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