Forge Talks

I have just added two new audio sessions to the forgewa website.

On Sunday we had Darryn Altclass the director of Forge Tas and leader of ThirdPlace Communities blow in for a short time and I managed to get him to do a brief 30 minute presentation on their work in the pubs and clubs of Hobart. Its only a short intro but if you’re interested in incarnational mission then Daz is well worth listening to. He describes their work in about 10 minutes and then fields questions. Go to the forgewa site to access the talk.

I have also added my own session on contextualisation and the challenges posed to us here in the suburbia. To me it always feels easier to think like a missionary in a different culture, but here at home its difficult to distinguish what is cultural and what is gospel. Its called ‘Beyond the Horizon – C1-C6 in Suburbia’. The last 10 minutes got chopped off because the recorder was full, but you’ll get the idea if you listen to the first part of it!

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