Forge WA Sponsors Internships for Mission Among Backpackers

On January 24th we will be hosting a gathering

to discuss how we may engage in mission among the backpacker community. These are a group of people who are often on a spiritual journey as well as a physical one and it would be great to connect with them and share the good news of Jesus in some way.

If that kind of mission opportunity lights your fire then read on!

Given the touristy nature of our city and the opportunities that exist to get involved with travellers, we at Forge would like to sponsor up to 2 people to get involved in this significant area of ministry.

This group are largely 18-35’s and in many ways are an ‘un-reached people group’. If you reckon you’d like to take a year to learn how to be a missionary to the backpacking community then we’d love to hear from you.

As part of commitment to incarnational mission we are wiling to allow up to 2 people who wish to focus on the backpacking community to complete the Forge internship at our expense. We will give you access to all the Forge intensives, personal coaching and development in mission as part of your internship. We will support you and help you think thru what may be appropriate ways to connect with backpackers.

You would be responsible for taking the initiative and making the connections.

We are keen to make sure these sponsorships go to the right people, so if you are inspired by this kind of mission then either drop me an email or leave a comment and we can talk some more.

If you live overseas and would like to spend a year in Perth in this kind of mission then we are happy to explore that too. We can help you connect with a local Christian community that will see this as valuable mission and who will support you in the journey.

While no financial commitment is involved there would be a significant investment of time to do this properly. We will be speaking with people over the January holiday period and will run the seminar on Jan 24th as an introduction to the possibilities.

We are excited about the potential of supporting people in this vital area of mission!

So… don’t be shy.

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