Fresh Eyes

The Christmas story really is a wild one!

It helps to revisit the story in different forms each year to try and see it thru fresh eyes. Today I was writing a script for a ‘re-enactment’ of the story to be done by the little kids in our community. I wanted to write it accurately, but in a way that would hold the kid’s attention as they acted it out.

It meant re-reading the whole thing in some depth again to get the details in order in my mind.

When you grow up with a story there is a heap that you take for granted. There is a heap that you believe to be true that actually isn’t. There are parts of the story that get emphasised and parts that get left out – like Herod’s killing of all the babies and the fact that Joseph and Mary become refugees.

There is something about a fresh read of the scriptures that leaves you feeling alive and refreshed in faith. That’s what it did for me today.

My good Anglican friend over in Sheffield is following the church calendar and reflecting on the story in a systematic way. He is serving up some great insights, so if you’d like to take some time to reflect on the story in a fresh way then Andrew can help you out there.

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  1. Now that your comments are fixed, I can say ‘thank you’ for pointing to my Advent series. I’m not sure it is very systematic (!), but I’m getting loads of appreciative responses, which is always encouraging 🙂

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