Gandhi delayed by tragedy

Jarrod McKenna

Jarrod McKenna’s Wednesday’s with Gandhi :

***Thanks to all who have contacted us Peace Tree crew with support and encouragement and your prayers regarding what’s been dubbed in the press as the “Lockridge riots” on the street behind our houses. This is incredibly heartbreaking and we’re asking for prayers for all involved, particularly the families and friends of the eighteen year old kid who died, the two other young men in hospital (one of which is still fighting for his life) and all that were involved. As you can imagine, lots going on here but if I get time will blog a little later. Please join us in praying for an end to the violence, that their will be no reprisals and Christ’s peace would be a reality on our streets.


In the mean time, this is a brilliant article from my mates Wess Daniels who’s studying at Fuller on one of my biggest influences (if not the biggest) John H. Yoder on “Jesus the Missionary”. So today it might be Wednesday’s with Wess and Yoder… we’ll see. Wess writes:

In our previous discussion we looked at how relevancy is often the guiding question for church and mission. If we think of the question in terms of being an axel on a Ferris wheel, it might look something like this.

The Relevant Question

But I’ll argue a more theological and biblical starting point for understanding the church’s relationship to culture is to begin with the incarnation as a paradigm for the role of church in mission. In this way Jesus is the missionary par excellence, he is our model for missions more so than even Paul. Switching out the axel on our Ferris wheel for a “Jesus Axel” we might have something more like this.

The Incarnation

With this in mind let’s look at what it was like for Jesus to interact with his culture as a missionary. John Howard Yoder names four options Jesus had for engaging with his cultural surroundings: realism, revolutionary violence, withdrawal, and establishment religion.

to read the article in full:

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