Today we had a great session with Darryn Altclass speaking of his work with Third Place Communities in Hobart.

Like John Jensen, Darryn spoke of the fact that people who are not Christians obviously don’t feel any need or desire to hang out in churches. Therefore we need to rethink the primary question we are seeking to answer as churches.

Is it ‘how do we get people into church?’ or ought it be ‘how do we get Christians into their communities and connecting with people out there?’

This weekend rather than charging admission to the events we held, we decided to simply take an offering with all the money coming in going directly to those who were speaking.

I have to admit wondering if we’d finish up short.

Reality is we pulled probably twice as much money as we would have thru an admission fee and we were able to really support and encourage the work of those who were presenting. People were very generous and I have say I was reminded of something in that over the weekend.

When people believe in something /someone, money somehow becomes available.

Thanks to all who were generous. I am sure the guys really appreciate it!free all the pretty horses

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