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I hardly ever write negative book reviews, but there are few things that annoy me more than a bad novel. 

I just finished a re-read of one of my all time faves, The Poisonwood Bible – a brilliant book that was even better on a second pass. Then I moved on to ‘Into the Sea’, a novel that based the story around the subject of surfing. It was set in WA in the late 70s to early 80s as two mates get into surfing and get hooked.

While there are no places named in the story it was obvious the two boys grew up in a suburb near my own, in the same era I started surfing, so that part of the story resonated. Skipping school to surf, buying your first board, living for the waves, were all things we did in that time.

The story moves across to Cactus (not named) for another 100 pages where not much happens and then one of the characters heads off to Indo and doesn’t come back. His mate goes looking for him and finds him surfing perfect waves and happy in his island paradise. 

The end.

Yeah… it was a book pretty much devoid of plot. I read the whole thing, all 300 dreary pages in the hope that some energy would rise from it, but it just lobbed from one surf setting to the next with bland characters and little to hold attention.

Given its origins and characters, I had high hopes for this novel, but it was a mega-disappointment. If surfing magazines are ‘wave porn’, then this would be the equivalent of a porn movie – scene after scene of same same same… blokes surfing or talking about surfing. It might sound promising but it’s actually unsatisfying.

If you see it around give it a wide berth. A good novel ought to evoke some deep stirring, but this one felt like a suburban bus ride where every chapter was a prolonged stop. In the end I was just happy to be home.

If you enjoy reading then get a hold of The Poisonwood Bible instead and delve into the complexities of character, culture and religious nuance it offers. 

I’m onto Hannah Kent’s Good People now and already breathing easier…

Sorry Jay Laurie – if you read this… I really wanted to like your book, i even ‘saved it up’ for holidays, but in the end I just couldn’t. You got the era, the language and the characters down well, but something needs to happen for it to be a good story. 

1 thought on “Get Me Out of Here – Now!

  1. I started reading this novel at Yelo – but could not get into it.

    I suggest some small revisions to “Into the Sea” to make it more interesting:

    Set it 10 years into the future – surfing is a bad ass outlaw sport again – not a highly paid professional sport.
    Perth has become like an Island Pardise due to Global warming and the water is 28-32 degrees like Bali. We also get more swells (like we used too).
    The Greens are in power and have introduced drachonian measures to preserve life protecting sharks and enforced abortions to control human population growth.
    Kids skip school to go surfing – but like with Reunion Island most get eaten by sharks.
    Some kid need to use VR to surf out of the matrix and find his soul to bring back balance by freeing commercial fisherman to fish for “flake” so that the groms are not eaten anymore.

    Just a few thoughts over a coffee….

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